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Douglas Burchard has more than 20-years experience creating professional, data-driven, web applications, for small to medium size organizations. Notable accomplishments include:

  • Built websites since 1994
  • Worked for, Blue World Communications, the original publisher of Lasso, from 1995 until 1998
  • Active member of the Lasso community since inception in 1996
  • Created original “Knitting Factory” shopping cart example which shipped with FileMaker 4
  • Created acclaimed login solution known as LockIt and LockIt5
  • Developed web applications for every version of Lasso since launch
  • Presented at LassoSummit 2001 in Orlando, Florida, and Lasso Developers Conference (LDC) 2012 in Toronto, Ontario
  • Currently using Lasso Professional 9.3, PHP 5.6  and MySQL 5.5
  • Implemented a variety of custom built solutions, including: Automated creation of static pages, Automatic archiving and searching of email, Lasso-based Wiki with many of the same language features of Wikimedia, Lasso-based Blog allowing Wiki-like editing, Lasso-based Calendar application, Lasso-based mass-email solution.

When not developing web solutions, Doug spends time with his wife and son camping, hiking, fishing, and skiing. Doug also volunteers with the Summit-at-Snoqualmie Central Ski Patrol, Ski Patrol Rescue Team, and King County Search And Rescue as an EMT-B and OEC Technician.

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